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Waste water

One important aspect is industrial waste water treatment and waste water cleansing. This is because industrial waste water is often heavily contaminated by production processes and cannot be introduced into the water cycle prior to undergoing waste water treatment. Thanks to comprehensive waste water treatment by means of various processes specially tailored to the respective waste water, after treatment, the waste water complies with legal requirements. In a first step, our experts in the field of water and waste water treatment technology evaluate the precise details and determine the composition of the waste water during a customer site visit. With this information, our experts at ALMAWATECH can develop custom-made waste water plants for our customers, including on site implementation.
As an expert in water and waste water treatment, ALMAWATECH has more than 20 years of experience in the treatment of industrial waste water concerning both food and non-food sectors, including biological, physicochemical, membrane technological, thermal and filtering processes. When it comes to waste water cleansing, we focus on custom-made solutions and waste water plants designed with our product platforms in mind: Pre-planning, engineering, execution planning, programming and implementation all under one roof. Because, above all, the use of high-quality components and the signature of experienced engineers are key to our quality.

Methods of waste water cleansing

Biological plants

The usage of biological systems is one of the main methods of normal and industrial waste water treatment. ALMAWATECH has specialized in industrial and commercial solutions for more than 20 years, using the best available process principles of biological waste water treatment.
In general, in the field of biological waste water treatment, a distinction is made between aerobic aeration processes and anaerobic methane conversion processes. As an experienced expert in the field of water and waste water treatment, ALMAWATECH makes the best use of both methods, using each appropriately in order to achieve a practicable solution. For both biological waste water treatment methods, ALMAWATECH plans and produces both cost-effective low load processes and complex high load processes that cleanse large quantities of waste water at high volumetric load in an effective manner. Thus, industrial waste water treatment can be tailored to meet the exact needs of our customers. In addition to the reduction of COD and BOD organic loads, the biological removal of ammonium and phosphate is an important purifying objective of biological waste water treatment. The available technological ammoniation concepts are based on the latest research.
ALMAWATECH system solutions for comprehensive waste water treatment plants that combine physicochemical treatment, anaerobic and aerobic systems, downstream ultrafiltration and reverse osmoses to recover water flows are especially popular and frequently used by many of our customers.

Physicochemical treatment plants

The most common method of waste water treatment in Central Europe is by means of physicochemical processes. This is the basic method used when it comes to decentralized water and waste water treatment and the pre-treatment of waste water for introduction into public waste water treatment plants. From simple sedimentation and separation (e.g. oil separation) in accordance with DIN-standards, emulsion coagulation, batch precipitation, pH neutralisation, compact pressure release (dissolved air) flotation, mechanical filtration, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, thermal treatment or chemical oxidation, a multitude of process methods can be used. And, based on standardised component platforms, ALMAWATECH uses its own engineering and control technologies to produce these solutions. Thanks to this, and as an experienced company in the field of water and waste water treatment, we offer our customers comprehensive system solutions.

Pressure release (dissolved air) flotation plants

As part of chemical waste water treatment, so-called flotation plants are used. ALMAWATECH produces both compact ranges with an output of up to 20 m3/h using a composite plastic construction as well as individually designed platform systems in stainless steel with an output range of 20 m3/h-80 m3/h. The physicochemical flocculation process and simultaneous use of propellant air at a certain stage of flake structure is critical for the operation and efficiency of the flotation plants. Specific preliminary tests with the respective waste water in relation to the flotation plant design and its dimensioning are essential. ALMAWATECH offers its own technical institute in order to carry out these pilot tests. This ensures precise flocculation measurement and exact calibration of the flotation plants.

C/P Plants

C/P plants are precipitation/flocculation and sedimentation plants in batches or continuous construction according to traditional process principles, which are designed by ALMAWATECH with state-of-the-art components and the latest control technology. C/P plants can be executed both in batch and continue processes. The sedimented precipitated sludge is dewatered either via belt filters, chamber filter presses or decanters, depending on the disposal route and sludge volume. Each system is individually dimensioned and designed and built from the modular system of the type platform. Preliminary tests in the laboratory with the waste water to be treated ensure the selection of the right treatment chemistry, which ALMAWATECH supplies tailor-made. Function, quality and reliability of C/P systems are essentially dependent on the selection of reliable components and a tailor-made control technology, which is parameterised by the programmer himself during commissioning. However, the plant operators themselves can also understand and further optimise the system. The remote data connection to our company enables easy optimization of the system settings.

Thermal plants

Where ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis are used in water treatment and water and waste water cleansing technology, it makes sense to use the thermal evaporation processes for the treatment and concentration of concentrates resulting from these processes. ALMAWATECH can supply plants with a performance capacity of 5m3-20m3 with 5,000-20,000 litres per day. We design larger plants together with partner companies. Thanks to our know-how in the field of water and waste water treatment, we are also able to develop large dimensions with the relevant capacity and – together with strategic partners – install them on your premises.

Container solutions

We are happy to place flotation plants and smaller physicochemical plants for industrial waste water treatment in one or more container modules. These modules are custom-made with corrosion protection and insulation, they are electrified and meet all safety requirements. By flanging several individual modules, larger volumes can be created and appropriate dimensioning used.

System solutions

Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of water and waste water treatment technology, we at ALMAWATECH have become specialists in combining physicochemical and biological processes. That means we are a one stop shop for all of the following processes, among others: we can treat waste water by means of a physicochemical compact pressure release flotation, produce biogas in an anaerobic plant, post-treat the remaining organic load using aerobic biology and then prepare the water for reuse via ultrafiltration and nanofiltration. In the long run, these kinds of system solutions and waste water treatment plants interlock seamlessly and save costs.