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ALMAWATECH – Water and waste water cleansing technology

ALMAWATECH has been the focus of attention for many years, both as an expert in water and waste water technology and as a producer and developer of industrial water treatment plants and waste water treatment plants. We offer our customers comprehensive and efficient solutions for water and waste water treatment to meet their needs and fit the required dimensions.

Customised system solutions for water and waste water treatment

In order to meet your waste water or process water needs, we deliver both complete system solutions or individual units, custom-made to your specifications. Our engineers have extensive experience in project planning, production, implementation and service. Our technologies are based on a modular concept, comprising the development of in-house processes and electrical planning as well as in-house software. This enables us to offer our customers custom-made comprehensive and interlocking system solutions in the field of industrial waste water treatment, thus meeting their specific requirements. Our units are produced both in our own workshops in Babenhausen as well as in cooperation with various specialists for the processing of plastics and stainless steel in Germany. This way, not only can we guarantee the quality of component materials used, but also fine-tune and optimise our waste water units in an ongoing process.


Industrial waste water treatment: A question of tru

We take our responsibility seriously and want to ensure your long-term loyalty to us by providing excellent service. As a family business, that is exactly what we stand for. We offer our customers comprehensive and above all open-minded advice, thus giving you the opportunity to influence the concepts we propose. Because, in many cases, there is more than one way to achieve the desired result. Often, careful handling of the precious resource of water demands a combination of various solutions – e.g. flotation units, biological waste water cleansing via reverse osmosis and process water cleansing using chemicals.

Cleansing process water using various processes

The cleansing and environmentally friendly treatment of process water in a variety of fields is one of our specialities. Depending on the customer and the condition of the process water, we deliver different solutions and approaches, often combining them to best suit our customers’ needs. The aim for all our concepts is to cleanse process water so well that it can either be returned to the waste water system or reused, according to the legal requirements. Our services in this field include, among others:

  • reverse osmosis
  • using ion exchangers
  • ultrafiltration and microfiltration
  • disinfection and oxidation

Many of these technologies can be combined to create a functional system solution in order to ensure maximum efficiency for our customers.

Quality “Made in Germany”

“Made in Germany” is very important to us. We source our components from well-known suppliers, every one them the best in the industry. Naturally, our services do not end with the construction of the unit. When it comes to maintenance and repair, you can count on our support and, in certain appropriate cases, we can also operate your systems for you. In this field, we have gained a great deal of experience from our waste water disposal plants in Brazil. We meet your requirements by carrying out a thorough basic assessment during a site visit. In a second step, we conduct treatment trials in our technical institute and develop a concept proposal, which we then discuss with you and your experts, subsequently resulting in a comprehensive solution. In addition, we are well-connected via local business and trade associations.

Focus on longevity and functionality

Our thinking is not based on quarterly figures, but across generations. That is why our industrial waste water treatment facilities are manufactured to have a long working life and designed to be easy to maintain and to modernize. As a result, our customers have been able to rely on us and our technology for almost 20 years, benefiting equally from our services and our technical developments.

Research and development for our customers

Thanks to our collaboration with specialized universities and scientists, our experts are already working on the developments of tomorrow. Whether in process water treatment or water and waste water cleansing technology: We are working to improve well-known principles, such as flotation and reverse osmosis, and are constantly on the lookout for new solutions for and approaches to the effective treatment of process water. This enables us to fulfil both our social and environmental responsibilities. In addition, we support various social projects that have become close to our hearts and are truly deserving of our assistance.


100% environmental protection
ALMAWATECH invests in several waste water treatment centres in Brazil.

Interview with Gottlieb Hupfer, ALMAWATECH’s founder and CEO

Question: Mr. Hupfer, taking into account the relatively high economic risks that the country brings with it, and as a relatively small company yourself, how did ALMAWATECH come up with the business idea of setting up an environmental business in Brazil?

Reply: My family has been closely linked with a social project in southern Brazil for over 25 years. As part of this project, a gifted student spent a year in Germany, and later went on to complete an internship here. That’s how we came up with the idea to take a closer look at Brazil: we discovered the great diversity of the country and also the substantial backlog within the environmental sector.

Question: When did your business operations start?

Reply: As CEO of an environmental technology company, I was often in Brazil from as early as 1999 onwards. It was during the early 2000s that, together with partners, I first invested in a disposal centre. We also received funding in Germany from the DEG, the German Investment and Development Association (Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft).

Question: Who were your first customers and who are your customers in the disposal centres?

Reply: Our disposal centre in Rio de Janeiro has a catchment area of approx. 50km. Our customers include many well-known international companies, in particular in the fields of pharmaceutics, cosmetics, research, food technology, oil exploration and harbour management. Highly contaminated waste water concentrates, some of which are 100 times higher than those of normal municipal waste water, are commonplace. The waste water often contains hydrocarbons, heavy metals or microplastics. And local environmental and waste water authorities in Rio de Janeiro have always been very supportive.

Question: Your plant in Rio de Janeiro has been operating at capacity for over ten years and you already have another plant in operation in the city of Macaé. What projects are you planning and which are already under construction?

Reply: About seven years ago, we began to think about new projects in other cities and to look for partners with whom we could implement local logistics. We started planning the Macaé project approx. five years ago, and construction of the plant began three years ago. We started trial operations just over a year ago. The projects always take a relatively long time due to complex approval procedures. Three years ago, we started planning projects in the southern Brazilian cities of Maringá, Paraná and Londrina. All of the plants have now been approved and we have identified local, well-respected partners. Construction of the plants is underway and we believe we will be able to start trial operations in late 2019.

Question: How are the plants planned, built and financed and what are the staffing requirements?

Reply: The technological planning of the plants, including software production, is carried out by ALMAWATECH in Babenhausen. The planning of the buildings is done by local partners, who usually also provide personnel for the logistics. The operational plant management staff consists of four to ten well-trained employees per plant. Financing is partly covered by local cash flow, and partly by the ALMAWATECH Group.

Question: Are customers and waste water compositions similar in every city?

Reply: As the economic radius of the plants covers approx. 50km around the treatment centre, the industrial structure must be considered. For example, the city of Macaé has a focus on oil exploration and, thus, waste water contains significantly more oil. In the Londrina project, we will treat significant amounts of seepage water from a commercial landfill. In Maringá, we need to focus on waste water from the food industry, but also from the processing and production of leather and some chemicals. Therefore, plant engineering, which essentially always comprises a physicochemical pre-treatment and a biological main treatment, must be adapted in terms of design and technical execution.