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ALMAWATECH GmbH develops, manufactures and delivers complete systems for the treatment of industrial waste water and process water. At the Babenhausen site, near Frankfurt am Main, our technicians, engineers and scientists research new processes for water and waste water cleansing, develop hardware and software for the purpose of plant management and provide support for the maintenance and operation of the plants and systems.

ALMAWATECH was established more than 15 years ago as AP System Engineering GmbH by the founders Gottlieb Hupfer, Gerhard Häring und Dr. Kurt Nonnenmacher. The company is based in Babenhausen, a town in the greater area of Frankfurt am Main, Germany. In addition to the German headquarters, we also have international branches and representation. The subsidiary in Rio de Janeiro operates its own institute for waste water treatment and research institute for industrial waste water. The company name, ALMAWATECH, is a combination of German abbreviations for plants/machinery/water/technology.

Since its foundation, the company has been independently owned by the managing partners as a German family business.

Our employees are engineers, scientists and technicians in the fields of process engineering, chemistry, software, electrical engineering and biology. Today, we work with a core team of approx. 40 of our own employees, supported by freelancers and partner companies.

Our “made in Germany” plants for industrial waste water treatment are produced at both the Babenhausen site and at the sites of our partner companies in Southern Germany. We work with the best components available on the European market, and our established suppliers include Siemens, Endress + Hauser, Grundfos, KSB, Georg Fischer, etc. We also work together on cooperative research projects with well-known universities specialising in water technology, such as the universities of Darmstadt and Cologne.

Our systems and machines have one purpose: they cleanse water and waste water, helping to save resources and preserve our environment. Our senior experts use their decades of experience as a basis, combined with the inventiveness of our German and international engineering team. Our components are either made in Germany or come from internationally renowned and established suppliers. Thus, we are able to guarantee the maximum lifespan and highest functionality of our water and waste water cleansing technology.

G. Hupfer

Values and Objectives


Our integrated design, manufacturing and assembly at our German headquarters enables us to ensure the highest quality. The selection of our system suppliers is based on strict criteria. Our own software and electrical planning departments ensure embedding and integration of electronic and digital measurement and control technology into process engineering and mechanics. Based on the exact integration of electrical engineering by our process engineering teams, we ensure that our projects are customised to perfection and that any requested changes are carried out in a timely manner. All of our employees take part in certified specialist training. And, of course, we are a certified specialist company according to the German Water Resources Act (WHG) and have been granted certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001. Therefore, our water treatment and waste water treatment plants always comply with the current threshold values and state-of-the-art technology.

Environment and Sustainability

As experts in water and waste water cleansing technology, we work to protect our scarce resource, water. This awareness ensures that our machinery and plants are designed and manufactured to be regularly updated and modified during their working lifespan of up to 50 years, in order to meet changing or increased requirements. And, when being dismantled, the components we use are easily recyclable, or can at least be disposed of without harming the environment.

Social Aspects

We respect all applicable laws and behave responsibly and ethically towards all people. We acknowledge our responsibility and offer our employees secure jobs, supporting their professional development. We are committed to helping young people affected by social discrimination. In addition, our water and waste water cleansing technology facilitates environmental protection and ensures a clean environment via the treatment of waste water.

We support the “Centro de Promoção Humana de Santa Fé” social project in Santa Fé (Paraná state, Brazil), both financially as well as by providing advice and assistance.


ALMAWATECH GmbH builds pilot plants for you on a laboratory and pilot plant scale, applying state-of-the-art process control technology, remote monitoring and automation. Thanks to our cooperation with universities and other companies, our company is always up-to-date with the latest technology and is able to integrate this not only into concepts in the planning stages, but also often into existing water and waste water treatment plants.

Example: Digital image analysis
We want to utilise opto-electronic, camera-based image analysis to monitor and analyse liquids in a modular system of our own. Together with scientific partners, we are working on the development of the optical measurement cell in order to be able to offer our customers the latest improvements in industrial waste water treatment in the future.

Example: Project BRAMAR
The German-Brazilian research project BRAMAR aims to explore water reuse and artificial groundwater recharge as part of integrated water resource planning and management to address water scarcity and ensure sustainable development of the semi-arid area in north-eastern Brazil.

As part of the BRAMAR project, ALMAWATECH GmbH is designing efficient measurement and control technology, integrating newly-developed digital image analysis, focusing on the recovery of industrial waste water and waste water cleansing in northern Brazil.