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    We offer a wide range of services


A leading company in the field of water and wastewater treatment, ALMAWATECH has been operating its own industrial wastewater disposal centre in Brazil for more than 15 years. Furthermore, we operate several customer facilities both in Brazil and in Germany. Supervising these facilities has given us an invaluable wealth of knowledge and experience, to which we can always refer when managing other customer facilities. Thus, not only do we offer to design and develop custom-made wastewater treatment plants or water treatment plants for our customers, but also provide complete service support and plant operation, both in Germany and Brazil. Our offer regarding maintenance and design does not stop at the borders of these countries. Upon request, our experts in the field of wastewater treatment can offer their knowledge on a worldwide scale.


ALMAWATECH wastewater treatment plants, water treatment plants and flotation plants are designed to have a lifespan of 30 years. Therefore, it is essential that the industrial wastewater treatment plants are maintained regularly and professionally to ensure long-term smooth functioning. The use of robust German components ensures the industrial supply of spare parts for our wastewater treatment plants. Unfortunately, the lifetime of electronic components and systems does not match that of plant mechanics. Forward-thinking when it comes to designing control and regulation technology, together with our specialists’ expertise, ensures that parameters can regularly be redefined and systems modernised. That means our system solutions are always available to you for your industrial wastewater treatment needs.


At ALMAWATECH, when it comes to water and wastewater treatment technology, electrical engineering is a core element in our engineering department. All of our electrical concepts and operational programs are planned in-house. We also develop our own process control systems and measurement procedures in order to offer customised solutions for industrial wastewater treatment and wastewater processing.

Water and wastewater engineering systems are as good as the preceding analysis and planning of the basics. Engineers with many years of experience, our own pilot plant, our own test facilities and cooperation with universities in Germany and internationally ensure our high level of competence in the implementation of our concept and planning.

We are also pleased to contribute our planning services in the run-up to a new construction project.

In order to design plants and systems correctly and to identify problem areas correctly, test series take place in our technical centre. Different processes are tested in our pilot plant:

Distillation, detoxification, decomplexification, precipitation, filtration, flocculation, ion exchanger, microfiltration, nanofiltration, oxidation, reduction, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis.

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