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ALMAWATECH GmbH develops, builds and supplies complete plants for industrial wastewater treatment and process water treatment. At the Babenhausen site, near Frankfurt am Main, our technicians, engineers and scientists research new processes for water treatment and wastewater purification, develop hardware and software for the control of plants and offer support for the maintenance and operation of plants and systems.
The company ALMAWATECH was founded more than 15 years ago by the founders Gottlieb Hupfer, Gerhard Häring and Dr. Kurt Nonnenmacher as AP System Engineering GmbH. The company is based in the town of Babenhausen in the metropolitan region of Frankfurt am Main, Germany. In addition to the main German location, there are international branches and agencies. The subsidiary in Rio de Janeiro operates its own centre for wastewater treatment and research for industrial wastewater. The company Almawatech stands for plants/machines/water/technology.

Since its foundation, the company has been independently owned by the German family of the managing partners.
Our employees are engineers, scientists and technicians from the sectors of process engineering, chemistry, software, electrical engineering and biology. Today, we work with around 40 of our own employees in the core team, which is supported by freelancers and partner companies.

The production of our plants for industrial wastewater treatment "made in Germany" takes place at our site and at partner companies in Southern Germany. We work with the best components available on the European market from renowned suppliers such as Siemens, Endress + Hauser, Grundfos, KSB, Georg Fischer etc. We also work with renowned universities in water technology, such as Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences and Cologne University of Applied Sciences in research cooperations.
Our plants and machines have a purpose: They clean water and wastewater and thus help to save resources and preserve our environment. We do this on the basis of decades of experience of our senior experts combined with the inventiveness of our German and international engineering team. Our components are "made in Germany" or come from internationally respected and proven suppliers. This enables us to guarantee the highest possible service life and functionality of our water purification technology and wastewater treatment technology.

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We ensure our quality through our integrated design, manufacturing and assembly at our German headquarters. Our system suppliers are selected according to strict criteria. We can ensure the embedding and integration of the electronic and digital measurement and control technology into the process engineering and mechanics through our own software department and electrical planning department. The complete integration of electrical engineering into the process engineering teams ensures optimal customising of our projects and prompt implementation of change requests. The entire staff participates in certified technical training courses. Of course we are a certified specialist company in accordance with the German Water Resources Act (WHG) and have certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001. This means that our water treatment plants and wastewater treatment plants always comply with the current limit values and the latest state of the art.

Environment and sustainability

As experts in water and wastewater treatment technology, we work to conserve our scarce resource of water. In doing so, we are aware that we manufacture durable machines and plants that are built in such a way that they can be regularly modernised and modified during their useful life of up to 50 years in order to meet changed or increased requirements. In the event of dismantling, the components should be able to be recycled without problems or disposed of without causing damage.


We respect all applicable laws and behave responsibly and ethically towards all people. We take our responsibility seriously and offer our employees a secure job and promote their professional development. We consider it our duty as our duty to help young people who are affected by disadvantage. In addition, we promote environmental protection with our water purification and wastewater treatment technology and ensure a clean environment through wastewater treatment.
The Brazilian social project "Centro de Promoção Humana de Santa Fé", from Santa Fé (state of Paraná) is supported both financially and through advice and action.



Almawatech GmbH builds pilot plants for you on a laboratory and pilot plant scale. State-of-the-art process control technology, remote monitoring and automation are applied. Through cooperation with universities and other companies, our company is always at the cutting edge of technology and can integrate this into the wastewater treatment plants and water treatment plants to be planned and often also into existing ones.

Example Digital Image Analysis

We want to make the opto-electronic, camera-based image evaluation usable in our own modular system for monitoring and analysing liquids. We are working with partners from science on the development of the optical measuring cell in order to be able to use it in the future for our customers and to optimise industrial wastewater treatment.

Example BRAMAR Project

The German-Brazilian research project BRAMAR aims to explore water reuse and artificial groundwater recharge as part of integrated water resource planning and management to combat water scarcity and ensure sustainable development of the semi-arid northeast of Brazil.
As part of the BRAMAR project, ALMAWATECH GmbH is developing high-performance measurement and control technology incorporating newly developed digital image analysis for the recovery of industrial wastewater and targeted wastewater treatment in northern Brazil.

Example Optimisation of Membrane Separation Processes (Qu²OMAS)

The aim of the research project is to achieve a significant extension of the service life of membranes for the operation of membrane plants for water treatment and thus a considerable economic cost saving. Within the scope of the research project, new test methods for assessing the effect of anti-scaling agents (AS) will be defined and an automated measuring, dosing and monitoring unit of the AS effect and quantity will be developed.