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The ALMAWATECH Group consists of four operating companies:

All group companies work in the fields of water and environmental technologies, and each one has a different area of focus. ALMAWATECH, Babenhausen was founded in 1999 and focuses on compact, decentralized solutions for the pre-treatment and recycling of industrial waste water and custom-made system solutions for select industrial sectors. On site, they operate a technical centre for product development and also manufacture plant modules. Our own software and electrical planning system enables us to develop fast one-stop solutions and high-quality upgrades for existing systems.

BHU covers a wide range of environmental technologies, although the product range focuses on industrial and municipal water and waste water treatment as well as sludge treatment. Municipal and industrial projects are mainly found in large industrial parks in China, where the BHU Environmental subsidiary operates successfully in the well-known city of Qingdao in the eastern Chinese province of Shandong. More than 100 plants have been delivered since its foundation in 2000, including many highly specific solutions for advanced waste water treatment and reuse.

Enviro ALMA in Rio de Janeiro manufactures and operates disposal centres for industrial waste water in various locations in Brazil. Solutions developed in Germany by the parent company for the physicochemical and biological treatment of highly polluted waste water are built and operated locally. The respective waste water is supplied by industrial customers – mostly well-known, international companies from urban areas – and treated at the disposal centre. Local partners are partly responsible for collection logistics regarding the waste water.

From the city of Ekaterinburg in the Urals, OOO ALMAWATECH serves customers in Russia and the former Soviet republics with system solutions from the ALMAWATECH Group. The local management has 20 years of experience in industrial water and wastewater technology in Russia. The cooperation of German and Russian experts in the planning and construction of tailor-made plants of the highest technological standard is of great benefit to the customers.

Research and development, especially concerning water reuse and automation or process control is carried out on site, both in Leonberg and Babenhausen. Further independent development and partner projects with universities and industrial partners – often subsidised by public funding – ensure the future and performance of the product range.

The group companies are independent and family-owned. The operational management holds an interest in the companies.

Group Competencies